Our Story

Daniela Suarez is the woman behind D'ORO. Born in Colombia, this 28-year-old businesswoman has always had a passion for fashion & modern trends, & this is what kept her inspired to create this brand.

D ’O R O meaning ‘of gold’ in Spanish (pronounced /deh·oh·roh/) and the D also represents Daniela’s initial, D‘ORO is meant to evoke feelings of unexplainable allure and luxury. Daniela’s mission is to preserve elegance without taking away that touch of extravagance which is what defines her. The D'ORO brand offers first-rate quality fine jewelry with accessible timeless and versatile pieces. Daniela has a unique essence which has allowed her to express her love for jewelry with this brand, and it is reflected in each piece she selects. She seeks to connect each person who wears them with the best version of themselves. 

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